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Azelaic acid to treat hair loss ?

Qualifications: Azelaic acid (pronounced az-uh-LAY-ic) is a easy molecule ( HOOC(CH2)7COOH, CAS Quantity 123-99-9, also known as one,nine-Nonanedioic acid) that is found in some complete grains and in trace quantities in human bodies. Though it is an acid, it is an extremely weak acid - significantly weaker than vinegar. It's existing use in medicine is in Azelex or Skinoren, which is a cream base that contains azelaic acid as 20% of its bodyweight. Azelex is accessible by prescription in the USA and is applied in the remedy of acne. Skinoren is offered exterior USA.

Azelaic acid may well be useful as a hair development stimulant. A analysis report by Stamatiadis in 1988 advised that azelaic acid (and combos of it and zinc ion and vitamin B6) was a strong sort I 5-alpha reductase (five-AR) inhibitor. The enzyme 5-AR (equally varieties I and II) convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT has been shown to contribute to male prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) and to damage hair follicles.

Abstract of Stamatiadis' 1988 examine:

Br J Dermatol 1988 Nov119(five):627-632 Inhibition of five alpha-reductase exercise in human skin by zinc and azelaic acid.

Stamatiadis D, Bulteau-Portois MC, Mowszowicz I

Laboratoire de Biochimie B, Hopital Necker-Enfants-Malades, Paris, France.

The results of zinc sulphate and azelaic acid on 5 alpha-reductase activity in human skin had been studied working with an in vitro assay with one,2[3H]-testosterone as substrate. When additional at concentrations of three or nine mmol/l, zinc was a powerful inhibitor of five alpha-reductase exercise. At higher concentrations, zinc could fully inhibit the enzyme exercise. Azelaic acid was also a powerful inhibitor of five alpha-reductase inhibition was detectable at concentrations as lower as .two mmol/l and was comprehensive at 3 mmol/l. An additive impact of the two inhibitors was noticed. Vitamin B6 potentiated the inhibitory effect of zinc, but not of azelaic acid, suggesting that two various mechanisms are concerned. When the three substances had been additional collectively at really reduced concentrations which had been proven to be ineffective by yourself, ninety% inhibition of five alpha-reductase exercise was obtained. If this inhibition is confirmed in vivo, zinc sulphate blended with azelaic acid could be an powerful agent in the therapy of androgen relevant pathology of human skin.

PMID: 3207614, UI: 89087983

The reservations 1 may have concerning the Stamatiadis research are (1) that the examine was carried out on rats, (2) that is was completed on prostate tissue (and not on hair tissue) and (three) that it was completed "in vitro" (essentially indicates, "not in a residing organism"). Cells in living tissue typically display a considerable potential to guard on their own from invasion. Treating pure five-AR directly with azelaic acid in a lab flask is considerably distinct from exposing the residing cell to azelaic acid. Nonetheless, what takes place "in vitro" usually reveals clues as to what may possibly come about "in vivo" (in a dwelling organism).

Facet effects: Some of the achievable aspect effects linked with azelaic acid are white spots or lightening of handled locations of darkish skin or individuals with dark complexions, even though normally not lightened outside of standard skin colour. Other side effects contain burning, stinging, or tingling of skin, gentle, dryness of skin, itching of skin, peeling of skin, redness of skin. Final results from the U.S. medical trials with AZELEXA indicate that adverse reactions had been usually gentle and momentary in nature. The most frequent adverse reactions occurring in approximately one-five% of sufferers had been pruritus, burning, stinging and tingling. Other this kind of as erythema, dryness, rash, peeling, irritation, dermatitis, and make contact with dermatitis have been reported in much less than 1% of test topics.

Another great treatment to treat hair loss is a combo of Finasteride ( propecia, proscar) + Minoxidil ( Rogaine ) + ketoconazole shampoo ( nizoral hair loss shampoo )