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Definition of Scar Tissue: the connective tissue that forms a scar; consists of fibroblasts in new scars and collagen fibers in old scars.

Old habits die hard or so they say - which is probably true. Apparently, things which are old do not go away easily and/or are hard to remove - especially bad things which we really want to get rid of. Like old scars for example; old scars we got from burns.

Scars created by a second degree or a third degree burn can actually be totally removed by adopting strategies like freezing, surgery, usage of steroids, topical treatment, surface treatments and by alternative medicine. Freezing is the process of performing a cyro surgery by applying liquid nitrogen on the scar, which will lead to blisters getting formed around the scar.

Scars from burns are probably the nastiest of all things that one can get. Scars from burns are the ones we get from everyday activities like cooking - lighting a cigarette and sometimes, some will even have the unfortunate event of being burnt and/or singed by some heated material like a motorcycle's engine.

Sadly, it doesn't end there. Scar on face  from burns will start to appear, given that the wound has healed, on the part where you got burnt or singed. If you're lucky the scar will just go away - but scars caused by burns are almost impossible to remove, much less get rid of easily.

The application of steroids can also be done by a plastic surgeon. With respect to the surface treatments, Laser therapy and dermabrasion are the two commonly used procedures to treat the burn scar. If the scar creates a black color, then skin bleaching can be done to adjust the color to match the color of the surrounding area.

Asking a dermatologist is probably the first and wisest thing for you to do. Your dermatologist will most likely examine the old scars that you got from burns and also your dermatologist will ask you what product/procedure have you been using. And finally, your dermatologist will most likely recommend a product and/or a procedure for you to remove the old scars that you got from burns.

Topical treatment involves the application of the Silicone gel on the affected area and then dressing it up so that the scar gets pressed. This will make sure that the scar region will not look totally different from the surrounding region. Alternative medicines have also been effectively used to cure these scars. Aloe Vera gel has been found to have a good effect in curing these scars. It also reduced the itching sensation and the dryness around the scars.

But if you don't like to go to your dermatologist - you can always go to your favorite drugstore and choose a product which will most likely remove the old scars from burns or at least a scar removal product which you think is the best ever solution for scar removal.

The main factor that decides the removal of scar is the location of the scar. The main reason for the formation of the scar is the shrinking of the tissues in the affected area. If the scar tissues are found in hand or leg, then it may restrict the movement of these parts. In order to loosen up these parts, a surgery may be performed so that the person can get back to the normal routine.

Before you purchase that product - you should ask yourself a few questions or consider a few things just for you to determine if the product you are about to purchase is the right one for you.